• Eight Short Films About Architecture Title Spread
    • Eight Short Films About Architecture Spread Three
    • Eight Short Films About Architecture Spread Five

    Eight Short Films About Architecture by G.C. Waldrep

    Spring 2010

    • 14" x 10" Uncoated Spread

    Published in the Spring/Summer 2010 Volume 7, Number 1 issue of Ninth Letter, Eight Short Films About Architecture by G.C. Waldrep, offered readers a very abstract discussion on ideas presented through film and architecture that was broken up into eight sections. Short films were shot that vaguely pointed to a thought or idea within each of the eight sections and then numbered accordingly. The short films were then presented on their own spread in black and white oriented vertically as to be reminiscent of a film reel.

    A collaboration with Nate Baltikas.

    • Segfault Specimen Poster
    • Segfault Character Set
    • Segfault Cards


    Spring 2010

    • OpenType
    • 9" x 15" 100# Gloss Poster

    A monospace typeface designed specifically for the code-crunching, technomaniac nerds who continue to enhance our lives with new and previously unimaginable software feats.

    The character set for Segfault was created with a noticeable weight disparity devised to aid in distinguishing the pervasive and at times distracting punctuation and other non-alphabetic marks from the letters that make the code actually readable.

    • Stop Being Sheep
    • Stop Being Sheep Spread
    • Stop Being Sheep Detail

    Stop Being Sheep

    Fall 2008

    • 5" x 8" Saddle-Stitched 80# Text Weight
    • 2 Color
    • 8 pages

    "Stop Being Sheep" is an online conversation amongst designers that was dissected into this little booklet showcasing my favorite quotes. The text is juxtaposed against a tiny lamb that becomes interested in the conversation only to become overwhelmed and quite literally loses its head.

    • Food, Heatlh, Place & Sustainability Film Series

    Food, Health, Place & Sustainability Film Series

    Fall 2009

    • 18" x 24" Poster
    • 2 Color

    The "Food, Health, Place & Sustainability" Film Series focused on the value of eating organic and local. The poster's primary goal was to grab the attention of the viewer with its big type.

    • Visual Arts Research

    Visual Arts Research

    Fall 2008

    • 6" x 9" Page Size

    The design of the scholarly arts journal, Visual Arts Research, employs a mechanism of hierarchy based on alternating point sizes of uppercase letters seen in the running heads, cover, and inside cover. This utility is both modern and easy to understand. The cover takes a pure typographic approach to create a minimalist aesthetic that echoes the journal's prestige and aptitude for informing modern arts research.