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    Spring 2010

    Bacaro is a restaurant and wine lounge in Champaign, IL that has a philosophy of achieving excellence through simplicity. The custom geometric sans-serif was based off a simple circle that doubled as a dinner set.

    • Wellness Ways
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    Wellness Ways

    Summer 2009

    Showcasing the ideas of togetherness and helpfulness, the Wellness Ways logo creates a human-like embrace with the organization's acronym.

    A project with Web Management & Support, ITCS.

    • Newbreed
    • Newbreed Pants
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    Spring 2009

    Newbreed is the name of a conceptual product for motorcycle riders that tries to eliminate perspiratory discomfort through vented pants. The abstracted bird aims at the notions of "free-spirited" individuals with its in-flight representation and "in control" with the way it wraps around the bolded text.

    A collaboration with Ashley Bradarich and Maria Verdos-Petrou.

    • American Association of Suicidology
    • American Association of Suicidology Collateral

    American Association of Suicidology

    Spring 2009

    With warm colors and an inviting open door, the AAS logo strived to remind those in need that not all the doors are shut in one's life.